Swedo v. WR Grace and Co.

Congratulations to Matt Paavola and Brendan Pedersen for the victory in Swedo v. WR Grace and Co.  This case is a momentous decision that will change the entire workers’ compensation community for years to come.  The Swedo case finally resolves a decade long issue of credits for permanent disability benefits for injured workers who get their awards increased on appeal.  Under the old application of the law, injured workers were getting short changed when their award was increased.  Now the law will be applied so that injured workers will receive more money, as was intended, under the law. Read the full court opinion here

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  1. Dr. Nena Amuzie on November 18, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Thank you Matt and your able Junior Attorney Ted for fighting on my behalf. After my injury, I was met with very mean-spirited representatives of my employers and their insurers. Matt’s leadership and Godly support helped me keep my faith through the long road of injury, health and work place issues. Thank you. I will highly recommend your services to other in need.

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